Our Approach to Wealth Management

Collins & Company’s wealth management process is distinctive. We begin with a Discovery Process that gets to the heart of what our clients are seeking to accomplish with their wealth management strategy — both personally and financially. Specific, proven methods of gathering and synthesizing knowledge about what means most to individuals or foundations, leads to a solid, safer investment strategy. Personalized, hands-on service. Continuous communication. Focused attention on every client investment. Everything we do helps assure strong results and maximize success. We also work closely with key investment partners such as real estate brokers, tax specialists, estate planners and charitable gifting professionals, to make certain that our clients’ interests are served to the highest level. Ultimately, our goal is greater peace of mind — protecting, preserving and growing your wealth. Learn more about how our process works in the video. Contact us at 415.925.4000, or visit our website: www.collins-co.com.

Wealth Management Services | Tax Reduction And Tax Planing – We are Enhancing People’s Lives, Through Quality Financial Strategies. We work with our clients to design and implement the corporate strategies that best fit their unique situation, to help them reduce their taxes, protect their assets and maintain their privacy. In short, we help you ensure your wealth building success. Our mission is to assist business owners and entrepreneurs to build lasting wealth by teaching the use of advanced tax saving and asset protection strategies. The power of these strategies can be used by everyone regardless of the nature of your business or profession. Our Tax Savings And Asset Protection Programs make all the difference. If you are new to the Pathfinder world, we will do everything from setting up your corporation or LLC and your corporate bank account, to maximizing your corporate deductions. If you are already familiar with corporations and other business entities, we will look at the “big picture” by developing multi-corporation strategies and asset protection models that best suit your needs.
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